Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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Ill be turning 25 years old (sobs..sobs... I want to be forever 17, or up to 19) soonish... (in 5 days), so I have to list down 25 most random things about me...
1. I have always, always been facinated by old ruins.

2. My life is my MUM & little brother.

3. A major hoarder & buyer... Which I still find hard to cure!

4. I have no more space for my shoes (but shoes are my essentials, and I tend to buy around 6 permonth)

5. I love fashion (and working in a fashion industry), but I wish, wish, and wish I was a historian or archaeologist instead.

6. Im sewing a few pieces in the making....
7. I've been with Kay for 7 years.

8. I'm now more close to my blog friends, than my real friends (coz I see my blog friends more often)
9. I miss my diploma days, which were "The best years of my life".

10. Tea & Sympathy made Blossom dress for me!!! (Thank You Naomi... *shouts*screams*jumps*)

11. I still feel like a little kid inside.

12. In love with vintage, and I have this sick addiction with polka dots...

13. My clothes took hostage of my queen bed, chair... and 70% of my room.. My room is a walk- in closet it self! (A good or bad thing? I also dont know...)

14. I dont know why I wear less jewellery now days..

15. Loves Bijou Bazaar! (psst.. I'll be there on the 14th & 15th)

16. Am deeply thankful/blessed for all the nice people i meet through *here*, Old Blossom and FB (and most of them has become great friends, eventhough it's only through the Internet)

17. I want to do more serious things in life, but I dont know what yet...

18. Im a Sarawakian (I i speak fluent Bahasa Sarawak), my Sekolah Menangah Teknik was in Besut (so I can also speak fluent Kelantanese, but only to friends Im use to...) I could also speak fluent Bahasa Terengganu, but lost most of it when I went to Besut...

19. Wishes to stay at a kampung one day (and lead a rural life...) but no shopping malls is gonna be hard for me...

20. I still can't believe I can design/buy fabric/sew an actual garment in less than 20 hours in Project Runway (when I was only in my third semester in Fashion Design school with so little skills on sewing)

21. Miss my journalism days for Life & Times, at NST.

22. Pavilion is my second work place, owh and I'll have to go there this Thursday and Friday (sobs..sobs..)

23. Hopes all the people in Gaza is safe, and for all those yang terkorban, *Al-Fatihah*.

24. Only had a week to rest after my fashion show (finals), before I started my job at Marie Claire, after 6 years of studying... (I'm exhausted!!!)

25. But feels restless if I dont do anything... or when Im not busy.. busy..busy...