Monday, February 9, 2009


Celebrated my birthday with the Mum, little brother & Kay... It was a day of shopping (as a birthday gift), eating and we watched Pink Panther... It's hard to shop with the boys in tow (I only managed to get 3 tops), so today is Birthday Shopping Part 2...

My earliest birthday gift was from darling Shea, second was Huda Klasik-Chenta (Thank you darl) and then after work, Kay... (this was all on birthday eve/Friday)... and kay got me another a second gift on Saturday....

Im also wearing The Blossom dress from Tea & Sympathy, I got it before Christmas, but I wanted to wear it on my birthday, coz it's soo special to me!

Wearing: TEA & SYMPATHY The Label BLOSSOM dress, tights from Shanghai, GUESS platform shoes, DIVA birdie necklace, chiffon scarf and MODERN FLASHBACK vintage bag.

Owh.... and Thank you sooo much for all the wishes here, Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, SMS-es and phonecalls, each wish means a lot to me!!! Thank you!!!