Monday, February 9, 2009


It was my 25th birthday, and 25 years is a long time, so on this birthday my mum brought me shopping instead (Shopping Part 1 was on Saturday, Shopping Part 2 was today)! Yippey yeay! And this is what I choose.... Thank you MUM!!!!

Wearing: Birthday Gift from Mum ruffled top and white gladiator wedges, thrifted scarf, cream blouse from Mum, MNG jeans, OLD BLOSSOM BOX belt and ALDO clutch.

* Edit: Owh... I just realized I missed 2 shoes (my birthday-shopping gift too), my Mum keeps reminding me about the heels, and I was completely unaware of which she was referring too, OMG... Ha..ha. Shall post pics of the two high heels soon! Im such a granny already, how did I ever forget about 2 pairs of new shoes?!!!

Topshop tee! I love, love this tee! My most amazing tee ever!

This is what i call, the envelope clutch!

The most perfect frame! Wait and see...

Multi toned high heels. Im soo in love with the colour.

Pea jacket, in the most perfect, perfect size and colour... Thank god I didnt buy another Topshop jacket.

Black lace top with ruffles!!

Ruffled grey shirt, with small checks...

Charles & Keith platform shoes!

Mint green ruffled top!

Tons of accessories from Diva (red bangle, rose pearl like bracelet, mustard bangle , pink oversized ring, butterfly ring and mustache necklace) & Vincci (Bambi & birdie....)

Dummy with dresses printed tee...

Cute pink bow kitten heels...


My second gift from Kay... which I choose myself, but I loved the first gift he gave, which took him 4 hours to look around....


This is from Shea, I was soo gobsmaked when I found out she gave me a Charles & Keith clutch! and a handmade birthday card, with pictures of the clutches I have made (quite eons ago...) Thank you soo soo much dear... I dont know what I did ever to deserve such present!