Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Treats...

On Wednesday, Nina (one of my longest (since 2006 or 2007) blog friend) took me out for my birthday lunch! (Nina thank you sangat....) The last we met was when I was still a 3rd semester student, at Starbucks Shah Alam, along with her kids... Soon after, it was only through each other's blog and occasional SMS-es... and she was also featured in a recent Marie Claire issue (and Nadia Pumpkinis also in the mag this month, owh... and YC!!!) Me with super yummy Indonesian-cuisine birthday lunch from Nina at Brisk...

Pardon my squinting eyes/face, it was a sunny day... Wearing: TOPSHOP tee, black tee inside, VINCCI birdie necklace, DIVA mustache necklace, DIVA oversized ring, OLD BLOSSOM BOX scarf, MANGO jeans, FRINGE heels and SEED clutch!

Nina with her vintage dress!

Picture taking together is a must, must, must!!

Nina dearest.... (again thank you for the lunch and my lovely top!!!)

On shopping: My score today.. Yippey!

Im here tomorrow and Sunday with Old blossom's goodies!!!